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Balancing Machines for Any Application

The unparalleled experience and resources of CEMB make them your perfect partner for customized balancing solutions. From pump impellers to jet engines and everything in between, CEMB has the know-how and technology to provide custom engineered solutions for your balancing requirement.

Crankshaft Balancing

The machine in the photo is a single station model, integrating the CNC controlled drilling directly in the measuring station. For higher production rates, multiple stations can be used.


Driveshaft Balancing

Driveshaft Balancing

Single- and multi-piece driveshafts for cars and trucks require balancing by welding weights onto the shaft in two or three planes. CEMB manufactures a complete line of production and aftermarket balancing machines for driveshafts. The machine shown is a manual model for 3 piece truck driveshafts. Fully automatic models are also available.

Brake Disc Balancing

Most automobile and truck brake disks manufactured around the world are balanced or at least checked for balance. Various correction methods are used, including adding weights. However, the most common method today is removing the unbalance by milling. The machine shown is a single station machine with correction by milling into the periphery of the disc. Machines of this type can be loaded manually or with a robot.

Brake Disk Balancing

Pump Impeller

Pump Impeller Balancing

Depending on their design, pump impellers require one or two plane balancing. As a result, either horizontal or vertical machines can be used. Correction is generally performed by manual grinding or automated milling. The machine in the photo does single plane balancing by milling one of the side walls of the impeller.