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Computerized Instrument for Field Balancing

The N402 is a new, easy-to-use, multifunction computerized instrument from VibraSys. It's suitable for fast and accurate solutions to any problem of mechanical vibrations, balancing in service conditions, vibration analysis, fast Fourier transform (FFT), data storage, and checking the condition of roller bearings. The settings, the coefficients of influence derived from balancing a machine, and the graphs (data logger, scan, and FFT) can be stored in the instrument's internal memory (capacity of 120 different memory files). This feature guarantees that all the readings can be compared completely and offers the added advantage of being able to balance rotors in service conditions using just one spin once the calibration has been stored in the memory for the first time.


Special Features

The large, liquid crystal graphic display of the N402 enables the operator to program and use the instrument very easily by providing suitable suggestions about its use and displaying the consistency of the vibrations detected and the spectra with excellent visual clarity. The built-in printer can be used to produce all of the documentation related to the readings or the balancing processes. The certificate issued by the instrument can be personalized using the alphanumeric keyboard.

In addition to these features, the instrument can be interfaced with a personal computer, whose memory can be used to store data pertaining to readings made, balancing parameters relative to the machines controlled, and the methods used to acquire the measurements. In this way, the N402 can be used as a data collector and to set up an effective maintenance program condition monitoring by examining data detected on the machine on successive occasions.