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Toolholder Balancing

When using high-speed machining centers (8,000 - 10,000 RPM and higher), it's generally recommended to balance the tool and toolholder as an assembly. Despite the relatively small mass of this assembly compared to the spindle, at these higher speeds small amounts of unbalance create large amounts of centrifugal force. It's this force which creates vibration, which in turn can damage the spindle and/or bearings and create other undesirable effects, such as chatter, poor surface finish, and high tool wear. VibraSys offers a cutting-edge toolholder balancer to easily balance the tool and toolholder, helping to reduce any errors or unintended mistakes.

Get more information on the theory behind Toolholder Balancing.

 Toolholder Balancing

Why Balance Toolholders

Vibration in a spindle can have devastating results on the performance and life of a machine tool. For this reason, all manufacturers of machining centers, milling machines, grinders, and the like take great care in accurately balancing their spindles. However, at high speeds (typically above 10,000 RPM), unbalance in the tool and toolholder can cause significant damage to the spindle bearings and to the spindles itself.

Electronic Features:

• Automatic Measuring Cycle
• Electrically Interlocked Rotor     Enclosure
• Eccentricity Compensation
• Unbalance Correction Using Fixed or Variable Components

A Balanced Toolholder Provides:

• Better Surface Finish
• Tighter Tolerances
• Increased Tool Life
• Longer Spindle and Bearing Life

Resulting In:

• Higher Machine

• Lower Tooling Cost
• Greater Profits

Simplified Controls

The VTB offers easy-to-use controls. It also offers a laser beam indication of actual unbalance position.